Important Information for Visitors of Nordkueste Sim (PG Region)

Dear visitor of Nordkueste-Sim,

we like friendly to point out, you are on a G-rated PG – (General) Sim here at this place even with childavatars as residents. Please promptly adjust your behavior and / or your appearance accordingly.

Thank you!

The following is an excerpt of our regulations:

§ 1 The Sims Nordkueste (northern coast) and Nordkueste Stadt (northern coast city) are G-Rated (General – PG)

The rules of the Terms of Service of LindenLab (TOS) in force of PG regions must accepted absolutely if you stay at our Sims! Every inhabitant and every visitor must keep in mind. That means in particular: no nudity, no sex, no sex acts and talks, no attachment of genitals of avatars and no objects on the land, which invite to perform sexual acts. No BDSM! Please wear clothes at your whole abidance!

§ 2 carrying of weapons and violence

We disapprove any kind of violence! Weapons of all kinds, whether carried in the hand or on the body are not tolerated here. Also outfits, or clothes appearing glorifying violence will not be tolerated. Representations of excessive or even flowing blood, we do not accept here.

§ 14 Security

Residents and visitors should feel at ease and secure at our Sims. The Sim-Owners want guaranteed  maximum possible security. In particular, children Avatars are here explicitly „allowed“ and welcome and enjoy the protection provided by the Simowners. For people who come and knowingly fail to keep to the PG rules, a Simban and / or an abuse report to LindenLab will occur.

§ 14A  Code of Conduct

For residents and visitors to Nordkueste, which communicate via the open chat or Voice, german code of conduct as in real life apply. Expressions in word, writing and pictures may not be offensive, discriminatory, racist, threatening or sexually. The same counts for dissemination of knowingly falsehoods about third persons, reenactment (stalking), IM-terrorism, defamation and extortion. Speech contents, which are made by IM or other means of communication and have the aforementioned content and harm a person shall also be prohibited. Furthermore, next to even the TOS is considered by Linden Lab for PG regions. Freedom of expression remains untouched.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

The Mayor of Nordkueste (North Coast)

Johanna Kuhn